The Ultimate Remodeling Permit Guide

Planning a bathroom remodel can be exciting, but it also entails a number of formalities, including obtaining the necessary permits. Although this might not be the most thrilling aspect of your home improvement project, it’s undoubtedly crucial. This guide will walk you through the process, helping to make it as straightforward and painless as possible.

Understand Why a Permit Is Necessary

Before going into the ‘How’ let’s first get to know the ‘Why’. Why do you need a permit for a bathroom remodel? The answer is two-fold: safety and value.
Permits ensure that the construction work on your home meets local building codes and safety regulations. These standards are in place to prevent poorly executed or potentially dangerous modifications.
Secondly, when it comes to selling your property in the future, having permitted renovations will increase your home’s value. Prospective buyers (and their mortgage lenders) will be assured that the work was done properly and is up to code.

What kind of Project? Bathroom, Kitchen?

Every remodeling project is unique, and the permit you need will depend on the specific changes you plan to make.
Are you only changing aesthetics, like repainting and installing new fixtures? Or are you planning to alter the layout of the plumbing or electrical wiring, remove walls, or add windows? Larger structural changes generally require permits, whereas cosmetic changes usually do not.

Where to get a building permit?

Your local building department is the authority for permits. Visit their office or website to find out the specific requirements for a bathroom remodel permit in your area. 
This is important because permitting rules can vary greatly depending on your location.

How to apply for a permit?

To apply for a permit, you’ll typically need to provide a detailed plan of your remodel. This includes a written description of the project. A diagram showing the existing layout and the planned changes. This should include the location of the plumbing and electrical systems. You would then want an estimate of the project’s cost.



Some municipalities might require additional details, like architectural or engineering plans, especially for more complex remodels.

Is there any wait time when getting a permit? How long should it take?

Once you’ve submitted your application, the building department will review your plans. 
They might ask for additional information or revisions to meet local codes. For this very reason, we would recommend hiring a certified engineer that is familiar with the city’s codes to prevent any delays.

Receive Your Permit

After your plan is approved, you’ll receive your permit. There may be a fee involved, which varies depending on the scope of the project and your location. But you can now begin construction on your home remodel project. 
Be sure to follow all of the building codes and regulations in your area to ensure that your project is safe and compliant.

Where should I keep my permit?

With your permit in hand, you can finally begin your remodeling project. Keep your permit posted visibly on the job site. Inspectors may need to check it during surprise visits to ensure the work being done complies with your approved plan.

Schedule Inspections

During and after you remodel, you’ll need to schedule inspections to verify that the work aligns with your approved plans and complies with local codes. 
An inspector will check the plumbing, electrical work, and overall construction. If anything doesn’t meet the code, you’ll need to correct it and schedule another inspection.

Close Out Your Permit

After your final inspection, your permit will be “finalized” or closed out. This indicates that your remodel is officially complete and up to code.

While obtaining a permit for a bathroom remodel may seem like a daunting task, it’s a crucial step to ensure your remodel goes smoothly and safely. Not only will it protect you and future occupants, but it can also potentially increase the value of your home. By understanding and following this process, you can tackle your bathroom remodel with confidence and peace of mind.

What are some additional Building permit fees?

The process of getting a permit for a bathroom remodel could vary from city to city, we would recommend calling your local Permit office and getting the information straight from the source whether you live in Burbank, Los Angeles, Orange County, etc.
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