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Why Choosing the Right Expert Matters

In South Pasadena, where home prices reached a median of a whopping $2.2 million in March 2024, the decision to buy a new home or expand your existing one is difficult. Prices have jumped 71% compared to last year, convincing many to consider home additions as a cost-effective option. As home prices continue to climb, adding to your home becomes a more attractive option. Why wouldn’t you choose a local expert to ensure your home addition fits perfectly with South Pasadena’s unique charm? Whether you’re expanding to accommodate a growing family or simply want more space, the decision to work with a trusted home addition contractor in South Pasadena can make all the difference.

Is it better to buy a new home or build a home addition?

Building a home addition allows you to create a space that is uniquely your own. It’s like designing a brand-new house without the high cost of buying one. Few remodeling projects are as exciting and creatively fulfilling as working with the blank canvas that building an addition provides. Buying a new property is like purchasing a beautiful painting, but adding an addition is like painting your own

What about value? According to the Spruce, “You stand to recover the greatest percentage of your investment when building an addition.” Also, Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide puts the recovery of a mid-range two-story addition (at minimum) at 65 percent at the time of sale. We assume that South Pasadena is a community you love. Improving your existing home can be less disruptive than moving to a new area and starting over.

We understand that overseeing a construction project can be intimidating, but that’s where we come in! We’re home addition contractors in South Pasadena because we love it.

...the recovery of a mid-range two-story addition
(at minimum) at 65 percent at the time of sale."

Addition Contractor in South Pasadena

How do I find an expert home addition contractor in South Pasadena?

To find the best home addition contractor in South Pasadena, most people start by asking their neighbors and friends for referrals. However, the trouble with this is that it may not always be the best way to find a contractor who’s familiar with your project. So you start surfing Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s List. There, you come across valuable customer feedback on a contractor that has done your scope of work. 

We recommend that any contractor you consider is licensed, insured, and bonded. Which you can verify here through the California State Licensing Board. Whoever you’re considering be sure to see portfolios of their past work to gauge the quality and relevance to your project. Comparing bids from at least three contractors. This will help ensure you receive a fair price. But beware of low quotes as this can indicate subpar quality of work, or an unreliable contractor. Also, dont be afraid to speak directly with recent clients and check references. This provides you a deeper insight into the contractor’s reliability and quality of communication. 

When you meet with potential contractors ask them to tell you how they deal with project management. How the handle their subcontractors. And how they resolve if you have an issue with your renovation. This part we can’t stress this enough, any contract you sign make sure it is detailed, clearly outlines the project scope, timeline, costs, payment schedule, and procedures for any (“change orders”) changes. Take these steps to give you the best chance to have a successful home addition project. We give you this information in the hopes that you would consider us for your home addition project. 

Choosing the Right Home Addition
Contractor in South Pasadena.

You’ve done countless Google searches, spent hours on Yelp looking at general contractor reviews, and even thought about showing up at job sites to stalk some of your top choices. But how do you really know if you’re about to select the right contractor? We think the only way to truly know someone is to spend time with them. The only way to find out if your contractor knows about South Pasadena’s building codes and architectural styles is to ask them about it. Ask about local regulations. Ask a million questions. That’s why we have consultations, for you to ask all the questions that will make you comfortable. This will ensure that your home improvement project will be executed smoothly, adhere to legal standards, and respect the community’s aesthetic values of South Pasadena. Here is some specific information about South Pasadena that you can ask in your next client meeting:

Key Questions for Your Next Meeting

  • What are the specific building codes and zoning laws in South Pasadena?
  • How do South Pasadena’s regulations differ from other parts of Los Angeles?
  • What typically causes delays in projects here?
  • How do you handle a project if it gets rejected at inspection?

This knowledge is essential to ensure that all construction is compliant and avoids legal issues. How your contractor responds to these questions will also tell you how they handle difficult situations.

Why Local Expertise Matters

A knowledgeable local contractor will understand the architectural styles and environmental considerations unique to South Pasadena. This is essential for designing additions that blend seamlessly with existing structures and meet safety and weatherproofing requirements.

The Importance of Connections and Reputation

Choosing a contractor with strong local ties and a good reputation can lead to better execution and potentially lower costs. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring your addition is everything you envisioned.

Blue Print abstract of an ADU in South Pasadena from the renovation company Go Home Builders.

Can a general contractor pull permits?

Yes, a general contractor can pull permits for construction and remodeling projects. In fact, it’s a common part of their job. General contractors are typically responsible for overseeing the construction project from start to finish, which includes ensuring that all necessary permits are obtained to comply with local building codes and regulations. They have the experience and knowledge to handle the permit application process, including submitting the required documents, plans, and fees to the appropriate local government agencies. This capability is especially valuable because handling permits can be complex and time-consuming. Contractors understand the specific requirements and can navigate the bureaucratic process more efficiently than someone who might not be familiar with the system. Having a contractor manage this part of your project can help avoid delays and ensure that all work is legally compliant and up to code.

Is a home addition worth it?

Deciding on a home addition in South Pasadena can be worthwhile, considering several factors such as personal and family needs, potential increase in property value, and the emotional and financial costs of moving versus expanding. If your family is growing or you need more functional space, like a home office, an addition can enhance your living conditions without the upheaval of relocating. Financially, while home additions are a substantial investment, they often increase your home’s value significantly; Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide suggests a recovery rate of at least 65% at resale, which could be higher in high-demand areas like South Pasadena. Additionally, the emotional value of staying in your familiar surroundings and avoiding the hassle of moving can outweigh the initial costs. Importantly, working with a knowledgeable local contractor who understands the specific building codes, zoning laws, and architectural styles of South Pasadena is crucial for ensuring that the addition is not only beautiful but also compliant, thus avoiding costly delays and legal issues. In essence, a home addition can be a strategic, long-term investment that aligns with personal desires and financial objectives in a competitive real estate market.

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