Why Pavers Become Uneven

What causes pavers to become uneven over time?

Improper installation –  If the pavers are not installed properly, they are more likely to become uneven over time. This can happen if the base is not level, the sand is not compacted properly, or the pavers are not set properly.

Wear and tear –  Pavers are made of durable materials but can still wear and tear over time. This can be caused by foot traffic, heavy objects, or extreme weather conditions.

Shifting soil –  If the soil underneath the pavers shifts, it can cause the pavers to become uneven. This can happen due to changes in the water table, tree roots, or heavy rains.

Plant growth –  If plants grow underneath the pavers, they can cause the pavers to become uneven. This can happen if the pavers are not sealed properly or if there are cracks in the pavers.

How can I get uneven pavers fixed?

Relevel the pavers –  If the pavers are only slightly uneven, you can relevel them by adding or removing sand underneath them. Be sure to tamp down the sand after you have made adjustments.

Replace the pavers –  You may need to replace the pavers if they are severely uneven or damaged. When replacing pavers, be sure to follow the proper installation procedures to prevent the problem from happening again.

Seal the pavers –  Sealing the pavers will help to protect them from the elements and extend their lifespan. This will help to prevent the pavers from becoming uneven due to wear and tear, shifting soil, or plant growth.

Having a professional install them correctly the first time would help prevent future problems that would end up costing you time and money to repair them.

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