Spanish Kitchen – Pasadena

Step into this amazing, remodeled Spanish-style kitchen in Pasadena that captivates your attention with its striking style and design. Their earthy hues of deep oranges and rustic reds contribute to a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere, embodying the warmth of the Spanish sun.

The custom-made Espresso cabinets stand tall throughout the room and emanate a rich and deep tone. They exude an air of sophistication. In addition, the brass handles on these cabinets add a subtle touch of elegance, forming a beautiful contrast against the dark wood.


As your eyes wander, they are inevitably drawn to the exquisite white quartz countertops. The sleek and cool surfaces provide a perfect counterbalance to the warm and rustic elements present in the kitchen. This seamless blend of modern and traditional aesthetics is further enhanced by the spaciousness of the countertops They offer ample room for meal preparation. Additionally, their smooth finish ensures effortless cleaning, combining beauty with practicality.

spanish kitchen traditional with state-of-the-art

Traditional to State-of-the-art

Against the backdrop of rich Espresso cabinets, a wavy subway tile backsplash is arranged in a traditional brick pattern. Its off-white hue, illuminated by LED recessed lighting, adds depth and interest to the kitchen.


The Spanish kitchen proudly showcases state-of-the-art stainless-steel appliances. With their modern and gleaming surfaces, as well as streamlined designs. Without a doubt, they blend well with the more traditional elements of the room. These appliances provide all the conveniences necessary for a contemporary lifestyle.


A custom aluminum window floods the room with natural light that is perfectly positioned above a farmhouse kitchen sink. Undoubtedly, this impressive feature is complemented by a brass faucet that continues over to the cabinet handles. Obviously, this helps to maintain consistency in the room’s design.

charm in the details

Charm in the details

Particularly above the kitchen island, pendant lights hang gracefully from the high ceiling. it should be noted, that they cast a gentle and welcoming glow over the area. Furthermore, the island itself has the same gleaming white quartz as the countertops providing additional prep space.


Clearly, to add a touch of authentic Spanish charm, the area over the range showcases stunning Spanish tiles. These tiles become a focal point in the kitchen. Even so, they serve both as a practical backsplash and a captivating piece of art that truly completes the aesthetic of the room.


In conclusion, this Spanish-style kitchen effortlessly combines tradition with contemporary elements, resulting in a space that is not only incredibly functional but also a true joy to spend time in. Clearly, the blend of rustic and modern, light and dark, creates an interesting collaboration that brings this kitchen to life. Finally, it captures the essence of Spanish style while adding a personalized touch that reflects the unique character of the homeowners.

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