Home Additions

Spaciousness made simple. Add on to your home to create another room, or even a whole new living space!

We will make your home a place that you love.


When considering a room-addition, first and foremost, Go Builders isn’t merely a construction entity. We are visionaries in the realm of home transformations. Fundamentally, we believe that every home should be a tangible reflection of its occupants’ dreams and desires, a place where heart and architecture intertwine seamlessly.


You’re not just contemplating extra space; you’re envisioning a myriad of possibilities. For instance, you might be thinking of accommodating a growing family, or perhaps you’re alternatively exploring the idea of generating rental income. Moreover, for those who cherish personal passions, the dream might lean towards a dedicated art studio or a serene reading nook. Whatever the case, Go Builders stands ready to transform those dreams into reality.


Transitioning from a vision to an actual room demands a blend of creativity and practicality. We firmly believe that every room has its own story to narrate. Therefore, with our expertise, your new addition will not only add space but will also echo tales of elegance, personal touch, and functionality. Furthermore, you’re not merely gaining additional room; you’re embracing a new chapter of memories, aspirations, and comfort.


In addition or room additions, our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship ensures that the new room isn’t an abrupt appendage but a coherent extension of your home’s existing charm. As a result, the entire home resonates with harmonious vibes. Subsequently, as you embark on this transformative journey with Go Builders, you can expect every phase to be marked by excitement, anticipation, and satisfaction.


In conclusion, Go Builders is more than a construction company. We are architects of dreams, designers of memories, and builders of futures. Together, let’s craft a space where every corner resonates with love, laughter, and the warmth of cherished moments.

Check Out Some Of Our Recent Home Additions

Foyer Addition in Pasadena

Foyer Addition in Pasadena

This foyer addition in Pasadena has you stepping into a home that has never felt so transformative until you experience it. Located prominently at the front of a Pasadena residence, this new space spans 7x9

Japandi Kitchen – Chino Hills

Japandi Kitchen – Chino Hills

Transform Your Home with a Japandi-Style Kitchen Extension Enhance Your Living Space and Property Value A kitchen extension is the ultimate home renovation project to expand your living space and significantly increase the value of

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