Blue and Bold – Bathroom – Pasadena

Step into this beautifully transformed bathroom, a serene blue and bold sanctuary nestled within a distinguished South Pasadena home. This space artfully marries modern indulgence with historical charm.

The first thing that captivates your attention is the gleaming brass fixtures from Brizo. These fixtures aren’t merely functional; they’re bold statement pieces that inject a layer of refined elegance. The brass showerhead, sink faucet, and bathtub faucet radiate against the calm backdrop.

Next to these radiant fixtures, you’ll find cabinets bathed in a soothing shade of sky blue. This tranquil hue instills a sense of serenity, transforming the bathroom into a peaceful oasis. This is the perfect place to start and end your day in the city of South Pasadena.

showing a custom sky blue cabinet with brass fixtures

Contrasting the contemporary fixtures and cabinetry, the walls display traditional Tongue and Groove paneling. This classic design detail pays homage to the home’s rich history. When paired with the sky-blue cabinets, it ushers in a coastal, airy vibe.

As you venture further into the space, your gaze naturally falls onto the floor. Here, a striking chevron pattern captures the eye. The rhythmic alternation of tile shades creates a dynamic visual journey across the room.

The shower and the bathtub are enveloped in immaculate white quartz slabs. The subtle grey veins throughout the quartz radiate a spa-like ambiance. These serene elements, along with the white quartz, brass fixtures, sky-blue cabinets, and dynamic chevron tile flooring, harmonize perfectly.

shower with a brass faucet

Illuminating this exquisite ensemble is the soft, warm glow of strategically placed LED recessed lighting. These modern lights enhance every design detail, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. The LEDs highlight the textures and colors in the room, providing efficient and adjustable light.

Finally, in acknowledgment of the house’s historical lineage, the bathroom windows have been custom-crafted. These windows invite an abundance of natural light, offering glimpses of the charming South Pasadena neighborhood. They fill the room with warmth, paying homage to the history and character of the city.

In summary, this ‘blue and bold’ bathroom stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of modern elements with historical charm. It showcases visually stunning aesthetics combined with practical functionality. Truly embodying the spirit of the city of South Pasadena. We have also showed the same love and attention to the kitchen as well, check it out by Clicking here!

Tongue and Groove wall to compliment the added aesthetics

Location: South Pasadena

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