Japandi Modern Fusion – Bathroom – Pasadena

Upon stepping into this stylish japandi modern fusion bathroom nestled in the heart of Pasadena, you are instantly greeted by the unique visual journey of maple ribbon tiles. These tiles create an inviting path that extends from the entrance of the bathroom, leading you all the way to the shower. They artistically cover half the wall, adding warmth and texture to the space. Indeed, creating a japandi modern fusion style that combines the best of both worlds. You might just even say japandi bathroom with a modern twist.

Elegance and Boldness

Above the tiles, the walls are bathed in fresh white paint. Particularly, he crisp whiteness of the paint complements the earthy tones of the maple tiles, resulting in a harmonious blend of simplicity and elegance.


Moving forward, you encounter the vanity area, featuring dual sinks. Each sink is enhanced by flattering vanity mirror lighting. This creates a well-lit space, perfect for grooming routines.

japandi inspired bathroom with a modern twist
this shows the balance of the charcoal tiles to the black cabinet

Balanced Contrast

Adding a contemporary touch, custom black cabinets sit beneath and in between the sinks. Obviously, they offer ample storage while providing each sink its private space. Even so, bronze handles adorn these cabinets, adding a sophisticated touch that echoes the bathroom’s understated luxury.


The journey continues towards the shower area, where your eye is drawn to the striking charcoal subway tiles. Clearly, these tiles add a modern edge to the shower’s back wall. Alongside, a built-in ledge subtly integrates lighting, adding both functionality and a touch of ambiance.


The shower’s side walls continue the narrative of the maple ribbon tiles from the main bathroom area. Definitely, their warm hues against the cool charcoal subway tiles create a visual contrast that’s both appealing and invigorating.

tile floors, maple ribbon tiles, charcoal tiles, bronze shower handheld shower head, glass sliding shower door
Japandi maple ribbon with charcoal tiles - Shower bench and Shampoo niche lighting

Beautiful Details

Adding to the seamless design is a sleek glass sliding shower door. Apart from this, this transparent element allows light to flow freely, enhancing the overall brightness of the space. In addition, a bronze handheld shower head complements the other bronze elements in the room, tying the design together beautifully.


Underfoot, you’ll find luxurious tile flooring. Furthermore, this material not only adds to the room’s opulence but also provides a durable, easy-to-maintain surface.


Finally, the entire japandi modern fusion bathroom basks in the soft glow of recessed LED lighting. Without a doubt, this lighting solution adds depth and dimension to the space, accentuating the unique features of the bathroom design. Unquestionably, making this bathroom have a japandi bathroom with a modern twist. This isn’t the only project we were asked to do in this home, you could check out the amazing Spanish kitchen by clicking here!

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