HOW TO make your art at home stand out

If you’re an art enthusiast, there are several things you can consider when remodeling your home to showcase your artwork:

Lighting: Good lighting is essential for highlighting artwork. Consider installing track lighting or picture lights to create a spotlight effect on your favorite pieces. You may also want to consider installing dimmer switches to adjust the lighting level depending on the time of day and your preferences.

Display space: When remodeling your home, consider creating dedicated display spaces for your artwork. This could include built-in shelving or alcoves, or even a gallery wall with a variety of artwork pieces.

Color schemes: The colors you choose for your walls and décor can help accentuate your artwork. Consider using neutral colors for your walls and furniture to allow your artwork to take center stage. Alternatively, you could choose bold, complementary colors to make your artwork pop.

Art storage: If you have a large art collection, consider incorporating storage space into your remodel. This could include a dedicated art storage room or custom storage cabinets to protect your artwork when not on display.

Display techniques: Consider experimenting with different display techniques to showcase your artwork. This could include framing pieces in unusual ways or using picture-hanging systems to create a unique gallery wall.

By incorporating these elements into your home remodel, you can create a space that highlights your artwork and enhances your enjoyment of it.

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